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November 2021

Each month we pick a fine coffee from an independent UK roaster, to kickstart your day, and support fellow small businesses.

Thermal Shock Yenni Esperanza from Girls who Grind Coffee

This month's coffee comes from Girls Who Grind Coffee, an all-female specialty coffee roastery: "The Thermal Shock process is an unusual and complex, post-harvest process method that involves using water at specific temperatures throughout various stages. This creates an incredibly unique cup profile that we’re sure is going to blow your mind!" This unusual coffee is limited edition, so get your hands on a bag quickly.

About Girls Who Grind Coffee

"We are an all female specialty coffee roastery based in the wild South-West of England. We source our coffees specifically and exclusively from women producers, seeking out those coffees that are creating positive change through the empowerment of women."

Visit Girls Who Grind Coffee.

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Thermal Shock Yenni Esperanza from Girls who Grind Coffee

PRODUCER: Yenni Esperanze
REGION: Colombia, Cauca
VARIETY: Castillo
PROCESS: Washed / Thermal Shock
BEST FOR: Omniroast

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You can own you very own Leapers mug to drink your Girls Who Grind Coffee coffee from too. All proceeds go to support our project.

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