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Leapers supports the mental health of the self-employed.

We are a a community of support,
offering tangible things to help,
and guide those who hire modern workers.

What do we do?

of peer-support.

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If we’ve found something brilliant, we share it. If there’s something missing, we create it.


Help the

We work with organisations to improve the experience both freelancers and the businesses hiring them.


Why do we exist?

Working for yourself is empowering and exciting, but when you’re self-employed there's a great deal you're responsible for: doing the work, finding new work, chasing payments, admin, marketing, sales - and everything else going on in your life.

It can be a lot - and if you're working by yourself, it can be easy to feel like you don't have any support structures around you - which can lead to further stress, anxiety and impact on your mental health.

Even if you're aware of the importance of wellbeing at work, taking time for it can get de-prioritised - and the most important asset to your business gets forgotten: you.

We’re here to build awareness, prioritisation and adoption of positive behaviours to support your mental health at work when you’re self-employed.


Since 2017, we have:

But most importantly, we've created a space where people feel safe, supported and able to be themselves.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs the project?

Matthew Knight founded the project in 2017.

How are you funded?

We don't have any sources of funding, but rely upon the efforts of our community to support each other. You can make a contribution to our costs

What are your community policies and guidelines

You can read more here.

We'd love to work with Leapers to support our community or to access your community

Lovely! Read about the ways we partner here.

I've got more questions!

Great! Send us an email.

Can I become a member?

Of course! We'd love to have you as a member.

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Unfortunately, we are not able to offer support or advice for individuals - if you're looking for general advice, please join the community, or if you need urgent help, see our support pages.

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