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Vlad Chichisan UI/UX Designer

It’s the office experience I never had.

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Maria Joy Brand and Communication Strategist

On days where I am struggling to pull it all together just by myself, Leapers is a good reminder there are many, many many more like me out there

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Carly Ferguson Leadership and business coach

I just love how everyone is so supportive, it can be lonely working for yourself so knowing that there is always someone to offer advice or a new perspective is really valuable. It makes you feel less alone.

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Ann Storr Brand storyteller

We spoke to Ann Storr, brand storyteller, public speaker & member of the Guild of Food Writers.

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Haitham Mousa UX Product Designer

Haitham Mousa is a UK based UX Product Designer.

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Vivien Leung Wellness Entrepreneur

Everyone is there to help. It is a vast support network to learn from but also to help squash any doubts you have with your journey.

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Sandra Canrom Textiles Entrepreneur

Having a community that helps empower each other is great, creating an environment where ideas and advice can be shared, staying on top of what’s going in different industries

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Simon White Creative Strategist

It’s good to know you’re not alone, that others face similar challenges. It’s also lovely to be able to share ideas — and mistakes made — with others who are starting their own journey.

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