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Carly Ferguson

A conversation with Carly Ferguson, leadership and business coach, and active member of the Leapers community.

How do you describe what you do for work, and how long have you been doing that?

I’m a Leadership & Business Coaching helping leaders, founders and their teams to thrive doing the work they feel called to do. I’m also a Human Design specialist which is a really awesome system that helps individuals to understand their energy type and how best to live and work in alignment with their true nature. I’ve been doing this for about 4 years in total but full time for a year and a half.

What is your workstyle, and what led you to working in this way?

Understanding my Human Design has been hugely beneficial to me in creating an authentic working style. For example, I’m a ‘Manifesting Generator’ which means I’m a multi-passionate, multi-hyphenate individual who is here to do and accomplish many diverse things. Understanding this about myself means that I no longer feel bad about being potentially seen as ‘chaotic’ in my approach to work or that I have to fit into one linear way of working. I move quickly, I pivot if things aren’t working or fun to me anymore. The more I work in alignment with my design, the more in flow I am in with my work leading to more fulfilment and abundance.

What's the most challenging thing about your work?

The financial instability is what I find the most challenging, particularly as a single person with one salary, it can often lead me to fall into hustle mode which I learnt from the corporate world but I know isn’t what brings me my clients. When I’m relaxed I’m more abundant so it’s a daily challenge for me to keep an abundant mindset instead of a poverty mindset.

My background is marketing and I left it to coach for a reason, however, being my own boss means that I’m not only a coach I’m still the Head of Marketing - as well as finance director, social media manager, customer service...etc. It’s easy for me to fall into the thing I find more comfortable which is marketing - my comfort zone.

What's the most rewarding aspect of your work?

I love the variety of different clients I work with and that I’m having a positive impact on not just people’s work lives but also their personal lives. No-one should suffer the Sunday night dreads, it’s everyone’s birthright to do work that they love. As an entrepreneur, I also love that there are infinite possibilities of how much money I can make - the only thing in my way is me and my mindset.

What healthy habits do you have in place to look after your mental health at work?

Kundalini Yoga has been transformative for me. It’s like a technological upgrade but for our human operating systems, not just our phones. I have a daily practice, sometimes alone and sometimes in community which helps for accountability. I also do morning pages to release any negative emotions that have come to the surface during the night. I have a whole toolkit of breathwork practices and meditations etc that I can turn to when needed.

If you could have known one thing before you went self-employed, what would it have been?

That I’m leaving my job in marketing to still do marketing. As a business owner you’re wearing many hats - I’m head of marketing, the sales director, the finance director, customer service, you name it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the variety and learning new skills but I didn’t really think about that beforehand.

Tell us something surprising about you

My first job after university was as a Junior Researcher on You’ve Been Framed, I then spent 8 years working in TV including programmes like Coronation Street and Shameless and award winning period dramas like See No Evil and Housewife 49.

What do you appreciate or find most valuable about being a member of Leapers?

I just love how everyone is so supportive, it can be lonely working for yourself so knowing that there is always someone to offer advice or a new perspective is really valuable. It makes you feel less alone.

And finally - can you share a piece of work you're super proud of?

I’m super proud of my clients’ successes. When I see a client grow in confidence before my eyes and have huge business wins that makes me really proud. I’m also proud of some of the award winning campaigns I managed as a Marketing Director.

Where can people find you online if they want to work with you? You can find me at www.carly-ferguson.com and follow me on Instagram @carlyfergusoncoaching or on LinkedIn.

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Carly Ferguson, interviewed by Matthew Knight.
Originally published on 2021-05-25
"I just love how everyone is so supportive, it can be lonely working for yourself so knowing that there is always someone to offer advice or a new perspective is really valuable. It makes you feel less alone."

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