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Struggling to focus?
Find what works for you

Don't fall for articles suggesting "THIS ONE THING ALWAYS WORKS" or the "MUST DO TECHNIQUE USED BY ALL CEOS"... Finding things that work for you takes a bit of exploration and support.

If you're looking back at your week, and thinking "Where did the year go already?" - you're not alone. Time seems to be whooshing by for many of us, and when you're self-employed, and often only have yourself to keep things on track, it can feel like our to-do list can escape from your control at times.

It's not surprising then, that many of our members within Leapers use a range of techniques to help them with focus, motivation, task management and accountability, and there are no shortage of questions in our #AskAnything challenge for tips and tricks on how to get stuff done, how to prevent distractions, how to stay focused.

Indeed, if you Google, you'll be bombarded with endless articles on 'how to... ' and 'why you should...' type content which tells you how whatever you're doing right now is wrong, and here's the actual way to get stuff done.

Leapers takes a different approach. We've sort of banned the word 'should', and ask people to share what has worked (or not worked) for them, rather than encouraging people to give definitive answers - so that individuals can explore a range of different approaches, techniques and tools. 

And the diversity of what different people do is immense.

For some it's about switching off notifications and getting stuck head down into a focus pomodoro session. For others, it's about waiting until the feeling of focus exists, and making best use of that time. For others, its about habit and routine. 

Emma Cragg, one of our community members and hosts of the Leapers Pods - our Accountability Groups, put it  best in this month's Pods newsletter: "We’re not gurus, teachers or evangelists for any single approach to getting things done. We’re here to encourage and support you as you find what works for you."

That's why Pods work - because they're not a rule to follow or a process to apply - but a space and supportive group of people who show up for each other, creating the time to share what you want to achieve, unblocking issues for each other, and celebrating progress collectively - no matter how large or small.

Each week, Pods meet three times to set intentions, co-work, and review progress collectively  - all with the aim of helping you to get stuff done - with the added bonus of having  team around you.

Pods are just one of the ways which Leapers is continually aiming to support its members to discover and apply tangible techniques for working well. There's no one solution, but being part of an active community trying out lots of different things helps you accelerate finding something which truly works for you.

Join one of our Pods.

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