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Parenting and Freelancing during COVID

COVID is challenging enough for the self-employed, but those of us who are also parents are facing a unique set of challenges. We've been collecting a range of resources and articles to support self-employed parents during lockdown.



Coping with homeschooling (again)

Our practical suggestions for coping with homeschooling when self-employed

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Self-employment and parenting during COVID: Dealing with guilt.

Juggling homeschooling and self-employment during the lockdown comes with emotional challenges on top of practical ones.

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Meeting Overload

The pandemic has led to an explosion of over-communication and meeting-overload for many. How do we rethink about how meetings play an important role in our work, whilst also protecting our own energy levels during the day?

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Useful groups and communities

A handful of useful resources for self-employed parents.

Doing it for the Kids
amazing community of freelance parents supporting each other
 The Freelance Parent
regular newsletter and community group focused on self-employed parents
single parenting community, with focus on emotional well-being and connection
 Action for Children
coaching and support line for parents who want to talk to a professional
charity supporting single parents


Experiences of a freelance parent - Rhiannon James

We spoke to freelance parent Rhiannon James about her experience of juggling parenting and self-employment during covid.

Experiences of a Freelance Parent - Ann Storr

We asked Ann Storr, a brand storyteller, to share her experiences of juggling parenting and self-employed work.

Experiences of a Freelance Parent - Ross Wintle

As we go into the second week of homeschooling for the UK, we asked Ross Wintle, one of our active members, to share his experiences of juggling freelancing and teaching.

The Freelance Parent: Cat Hufton on tackling homeschooling and lockdown.

"As a freelancer and parent to a very energetic two year old, I’m pretty well-versed in the juggle of work and childcare, but I’ll admit that news of another lockdown was hard to bear. " explains The Freelance Parent Cat Hufton.

Additional Articles

Q: I Feel Guilty That I Can’t Homeschool My Kids Effectively While Also Working! Homeschool guilt is a real phenomenon among parents who are working full-time while also managing their kids’ education from home. Here, get expert strategies for balancing both while prioritizing everyone’s mental and emotional health. via ADDitude
Silence your inner critic: a guide to self-compassion in the toughest times Is your internal monologue friendly, calm and encouraging – or critical and bullying? Here is how to change it for the better via the Guardian
Schooling as you travel the world - Lee Mallon - Things are RARELY IMPOSSIBLE
Children’s Mental Health Week 2021 The next Children’s Mental Health Week is taking place on 1-7 February 2021. Next year's theme is Express Yourself.
Self-employment and parenting during COVID: Dealing with guilt. | Common themes facing the self-employed and freelancers | Leapers Juggling homeschooling and self-employment during the lockdown comes with emotional challenges on top of practical ones. via Leapers
Why arts workers are turning hand to childcare in pandemic A babysitting app has seen a surge of interest from people in the creative industries
Learn to say 'I don't know': teachers' tips for parents weary of lockdown 2 schooling With increased expectations from schools, frazzled families are finding the second lockdown even more challenging. What do teachers suggest? via the Guardian
When fatherhood doesn't go to plan Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love my son.
Parental burnout is on the rise, says psychologist Moira Mikolajczak | New Scientist Stress levels of burned-out parents can be higher than those of people in extreme pain, according to research by Moira Mikolajczak. She tells New Scientist why the pandemic has brought new urgency to her work
Still struggling to work from home with kids? Don’t give up With many parents back to juggling work with home schooling, Creativebrief's Nicola Kemp offers some tips on how we can best support each other through the days ahead
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