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Are you Freelance Friendly?

Leapers encourages and supports organisations who want to work well with freelancers - to do great work together in a supportive and sustainable way.

From signposting and resources for organisations, to community building and bespoke consultancy - Leapers work with progressive organisations who recognise the value of independent talent.

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Meet and learn from fellow Freelance Friendly organisations.

Join our Working Group

Leapers is working with a number of organisations and individuals who are drafting a set of policies to promote supportive and sustainable working with freelancers and independent workers.

If you’d like to be involved in the working group, please contact [email protected]

Start with Signposting

The very least any business can do is signpost to relevant resources and supportive communities.

We offer an IR35-safe support portal for anyone who hires freelancers, which you can signpost your people to, and we'll do the rest.

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ps. we never share your email address, and we'll only use this to contact you about Leapers for Employers


Go further with The Freelance Friendly Pledge

Sign up to our Freelance Friendly pledge - a set of principles for working well with freelancers.

We offer support on every step of the pledge - get in touch to let us know how you're applying it.

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Resources for Employers

We regularly post on how to build a more Freelance Friendly business - working well together with freelancers, for the benefit of your business: more creative, more productive and more effective work with your freelancers; and for the benefit of the workforce, creating a more sustainable diverse talent market.

When every organisation uses freelancers, who is responsible for them?

In modern work, the lines of responsibility and support are blurred — but there’s benefit in organisations taking increased responsibility, rather than less. Read.

What does it take to onboard a freelancer well?

A great onboarding can be the difference between good and great work. Make sure you're getting off to a good start when working with freelancers. Read.

Signposting your freelancers to support

Whilst all clients and employers could do more to support their freelancers, often even the very least is missing - so Leapers is here to help. Read.

This Mental Health Awareness Week, don’t forget your freelancers

For Mental Health Awareness Week, Matthew Knight, founder of the freelancer support community Leapers, explains why we should all be doing more to support the mental health of our independent workers. Read.

Why late payments are a mental health issue

Why tackling late payments is an issue that improves everyone's health - financially and mentally. Read.

Communicating your Culture

Organisational culture has been shaken up - and now is a good time to review and re-articulate your culture, whilst remembering it's not only your employees who experience it. Read.

Why 2020 is the year businesses need to start being more freelance friendly.

Many businesses are not actively considering how to work with freelancers in the most effective and supportive way, with freelancers often being ‘bolted on’ to teams and expected to get hit the ground running. Why does this matter?

Chief Freelance Officer is responsible for: talent networks

"If you brief them, they will come". Is that true? And even if it is, how do you ensure that you're accessing the right talent, and the best talent, rather than just the available talent?

How can we support you?

Let's chat

At the very least, we can have a quick chat to understand how you work with freelancers, where your challenges lie, and opportunities to support you and your community of freelancers.

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Community Building

Let us work with you to build, nuture and engage your own freelancer community - many businesses already have lots of wonderful people, but don't have a consistent way to engage and active their extended workfoce. We can help.

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Bespoke Support & Consultancy

Work directly with our Chief Freelance Officer Matthew Knight, to develop a more sustainable and supportive way of working with talent.

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We've supported ...

We've worked with a wide number of employers, communities anbd non-profits to support their freelancers or with content for their teams.

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