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Matthew Knight
Chief Freelance Officer

Matthew Knight is our community founder, and runs the Leapers project. Having been self-employed for the majority of his career, Matthew has both lived experience of working for himself, as well as poor mental health, including depression.

Matthew's role at Leapers is broad - from managing the community, developing new content and services, and working with partners and businesses who want to work well with freelancers, as well as speaking at events, writing on the topics of the future of work, modern teams, innovation and wellbeing.

Outside of Leapers, Matthew is a strategist, helping businesses figure out what to do next, including clients such as LEGO, Accenture, Klarna, weare8, P&G and Bionic, and has previously held roles including Head of Strategy and Innovation at Carat UK, Head of Technology at Endemol, and co-founded de-construct, an award winning digital agency.

Matthew is a father of two, and lives in Greater London

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Matthew is always interested in working with businesses which align with the mission of Leapers - contact him at foxlark.co, or see his LinkedIn profile.

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