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of freelancers feel their clients don't have their mental wellbeing in mind.
of freelancers don't know where to find support for work-related mental health.
It's time to Work Well With freelancers.

Work Well With

Support the mental health of your freelancers
with help from Leapers.

WorkWellWith is a wellbeing platform
you can offer your freelancers for free.

Based upon our unique insights into the needs of both freelancers and agencies - our platform takes care of providing useful guides and regularly updated content, helping your freelancers to be more aware of their mental health, take care of their own wellbeing, and work well with your business.

WorkWellWith offers:

Just £49/month.

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organisations supporting their talent

Teams including: Creature of London, Foxlark, Rehab, Soon_ and BeenThereDoneThat

Only working with a few freelancers each year?
Speak to us for a micro account at zero cost.

More than 50 freelancers?
We can support larger communities too - let’s talk about your needs.

Why support the Mental Health of your freelancers?

Mental Health at work is a important consideration for any business.

Whilst most businesses focus on employee wellbeing, increasing numbers of businesses are reliant upon freelance and self-employed workers - the creative industry is 50% self-employed and for businesses who increasingly lean upon on-demand and temporary talent, protecting the wellbeing of the workforce is critical to ensuring access to those skills in the future.

Supporting the wellbeing of people leads directly to improved productivity, improved creativity and reduced cost and time on projects - and when you're paying a premium for freelancers, making sure you're working well with everyone on your team makes commercial sense.

Ideal for businesses who want to support their freelancers but not sure where to start or how to find the time - WorkWellWith also provides support to your business, including guides on how to work well with freelancers: from onboarding tips to payment policies, from insight on community building to getting your briefs to talent rapidly, and is a clear statement that your business is working to be Freelance Friendly.

Leapers is the leading voice in supporting mental health for the self-employed, having helped over 50,000 modern workers in the last three years.

* Custom, capability, community and counselling features: available on premium tiers.
† Figures quoted from Leapers Annual Study 2020.
Leapers is a trading style of Foxlark Strategy Limited.