Over 35% of the 75,000 journalists working in the UK are self-employed, and numbers are increasing year on year.

Worryingly 85% of journalists experience work-related trauma with up to 20 percent experiencing depressive symptoms, yet there are still few dedicated resources for the sector, yet alone for freelancers.

Fortunately there are a number of fantastic communities focused on supporting freelance and self-employed journalists, which are starting to fill the gap.

  • Hugely variable day rates and 'free' work
  • Frequent ghosting from clients
  • Emotional impact of topics
  • Challenges Personal Boundaries
  • High supply of freelancers
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Tips from our Members

Keep professional and personal apart
"Separate anything you use for research/finding pitches/networking with editors from what you do for fun. If you find work through Twitter or Facebook, create a separate account or put it on a separate phone that you don't use during downtime. The line between personal and professional is easy to blur and you'll find yourself constantly on if you don't make that line clear early on."
-- Rachael D.

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Additional Resources

Mental health guidance from the Football Writers Association

IJNet series on Mental Health and journalism from IJnet

Resources for Mental Health and Journalists from NUJ

Protect your emotional health from online harassment from CPJ

Freelance Friendly Resources

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